Vision and Mission

SecureFeed strives for reliable safe food of animal origin. By identifying risks and taking appropriate measures timely, SecureFeed, together with its participants, ensures the food safety of feed materials, compound feed and additives that are supplied directly or indirectly to livestock farmers. Functioning as impartial contact point for participants, chain partners and external parties, SecureFeed ensures mutual contact, coordination and openness. By sharing knowledge and experience, risks can be further reduced and a decisive approach can be directed in case of calamities. The benefit is trust in the integrity and stability of the meat, dairy and egg production chains. This is how SecureFeed gives substance to caring for food safety.

Our core values are:

  • Impartiality
  • Risk-conscious and environment-conscious
  • Director
  • Alert and decisive
  • Open and connecting

SecureFeed's ambition is that the risk awareness and risk approach of its participants and the feed materials, compound feeds and additives they supply will contribute to safe and secure food of animal origin.

SecureFeed develops and manages a food safety assurance system for feed materials, compound feeds and additives that its participants supply directly or indirectly to livestock farmers.

  • SecureFeed operates as an impartial organisation and cooperates and coordinates with (chain) partners and external parties. This creates a relationship of trust between SecureFeed and its participants
  • SecureFeed strengthens the risk awareness and risk approach among its participants and among (chain) partners in the animal production chains and external parties in their environment
  • In case of calamities, SecureFeed directs a decisive approach that ensures food safety and contributes to integrity, stability and trust in the production chains for meat, dairy and eggs.