Supplier audits

SecureFeed carries out audits across the globe at suppliers and producers of (raw materials for) feed. The audit program for suppliers focuses mainly on suppliers and producers (previous links) of feed that fall under risk class MEDIUM and HIGH. 

Suppliers of processed products from risk class HIGH are audited prior to the acceptance of the SPC. This audit is then repeated with a triennial frequency. The suppliers of processed products from risk class HIGH must inform the secretariat of SecureFeed of all their previous links prior to delivery to a participant. 

Suppliers with products in risk class MEDIUM are audited once per 6 years on average. Audits at suppliers with products in the risk class LOW are carried out randomly. During the above-mentioned audits, the list of previous links (producers) must be available for review for the auditor of SecureFeed. 
Following findings, complaints, calamities etc, the audit frequency can be adjusted. 

The audits carried out by SecureFeed focus on the matters that are important to SecureFeed, such as the verification of the risk profile of the products. Because of this, the audits of SecureFeed are different in nature than audits carried out in the context of certification.

Assessment framework

The audits of SecureFeed are carried out by qualified auditors from participating companies. The audits take place based on a predefined assessment framework. Based on the assessment framework, the audit team draws up the audit report. The assessment framework is evaluated annually by SecureFeed and adjusted where necessary. 

The assessment framework can be requested by suppliers at the secretariat of SecureFeed.