Risk classification of feed

SecureFeed classifies animal feed according to risk profile. The risk can be graded as low, medium or high and is related to the nature of the product or other factors such as (country of) origin. Depending on the results of the monitoring (sampling and analysis results), the risk profile can change and consequently the (mandatory) monitoring plan. The complete overview is presented in the document 'SecureFeed risk classification'. SecureFeed sets action and rejection limits for used animal feed (raw materials).

To aid in the readability of the risk classification, various colour codings are implemented:

  1. The risk scores per product-contaminant:The coloured cells indicate the following risk score: 
     Severity of the contaminant ↓
    Large (5) 2,5 5 15 25
    Moderate (3) 1,5 3 9 15
    Small (1) 0,5 1 3 5
    Probability score in animal feed → Basic (0,5) Low (1) Middle (3) High (5)
  2. The risk class per product: The following colours are used for the different risk classes:      

  3.  Changes: Changes compared to the previous version are shown in blue:  

      Empty blue cell: in the previous version, this product-contaminant combination was scored, but in this version the scoring has been discarded. 


    H Cell with blue text: In the previous version, this product-contaminant combination was also scored, but at a different level.