There are costs associated with participation. SecureFeed participants invest together in ensuring the safety of all feed and raw materials purchased by livestock farmers.

Participants will owe the full participant contribution in the year of registration. The cost allocation, the method of calculating and invoicing the participants' contribution are described in the Participants' Regulations and Manual Document D-21 of SecureFeed.
The key points are summarised below.


Participant contribution 2024

The participant contribution for 2024 has been determined as follows:

  1. The fixed contribution per participant is € 400;
  2. The contribution per tonne is initially set at €0.040 indicatively (excluding the contribution for participation in the collective implementation of the monitoring plan). The contribution per tonne will be finalised in the final statement of 2024;
  3. The costs of participating in the collective implementation of the SecureFeed Monitoring Plan (indicative € 0.022/tonne) are passed on to the participants via a contribution per tonne of feed (based on 88% dry matter).
  4. The contribution per LPC is differentiated according to the risk profile of the products purchased by the participant. The contribution per LPC is determined as follows:
    • LPC with risk profile LOW: € 35,-
    • LPC with risk profile MIDDLE: € 75,- + 0.35 audit point
    • LPC with risk profile HIGH: € 300,- + 0.85 audit point
    • Audit points can be 'earned' by performing supplier audits. At the end of the calendar year, the balance of audit points per participant is discounted in the final participant contribution. One audit point is equal to € 100,-.
    • The contribution per LPC is set at € 10,- if the supplier is also a SecureFeed participant and the product concerned is also registered as an LPC by the supplier-participant (this concerns the so-called mutual LPCs).
    • No charge will be made for LPCs and/or volume of the products:
      • ‘bedding materials’ (SecureFeed ID 53581).
      • Silage agents (SecureFeed ID 20031)
      • Premixture silage additives (SecureFeed ID 70011)

Additional contributions by new participants

Feed suppliers who register for participation in SecureFeed will be charged the following one-time fee:

  • Upon registration, the prospective participant will be charged the entry fee of € 1.000,-;
  • The costs for the entry audit are charged after the prospective participant has been audited. The fee for this on-site audit is € 523,-.