About SecureFeed

Suppliers of animal feed play a key role in ensuring food safety. Safe animal feed is at the foundation for safe meat, safe milk and safe eggs - in short, safe food of animal origin. The practices of animal feed suppliers (both producers and traders) must therefore be meticulous and transparent.

Animal feed suppliers should be aware that the safety of animal feed products (both raw materials and end products) must be guaranteed. Every link in the chain must take measures to minimise risks in the (production) process. In order to guarantee the food safety of animal feed, participants in SecureFeed work together to proactively monitor the purchase of animal feed products and their suppliers. In order to optimise this monitoring, participants commit to maximum openness about possible risks to feed and/or food safety.

SecureFeed stands for safeguarding the food safety of animal feed. Participants supply feed materials, compound feeds and additives directly or indirectly to livestock farmers. This includes forage, high-moisture by-products, single feed materials, compound feed and mineral feed. SecureFeed develops and manages a joint system for monitoring and risk assessment of raw materials and their suppliers. By sharing knowledge and information with chain partners and external parties, we work to strengthen risk awareness and the risk approach. As an impartial organisation, we are the contact point for participants, chain partners and external parties when it comes to food safety in animal feed. In this way, we contribute to the trust in food from animal production chains.

By identifying risks and taking appropriate measures timely, SecureFeed, together with its participants, ensures the food safety of feed materials, compound feed and additives that are supplied directly or indirectly to livestock farmers.
Here, SecureFeed's Articles of Association and the regulations of its bodies can be found.