Pesticide guide

Assessing a pesticide analysis result found in feed materials is complex. This involves various European and national laws and in some cases a risk assessment will have to be made to assess feed safety.

Various parties in the animal feed sector (Nevedi, The Committee of Grain Traders, OPNV, VERNOF, MVO, VVDN and SecureFeed) have therefore joined forces to simplify and harmonise pesticide assessment.

The developed "Pesticide Guide" guides the reader step by step through the pesticide assessment, and provides an overview of relevant sources of information, which can be consulted if necessary. The "Toelichting pesticidewijzer" (Dutch) gives examples and details of some pesticides, which can help with the pesticide assessment.

If no MRL applies, use the 'Pesticide Residue Risk Assessment Tool for footnote 1 products' to assess whether the product is safe under intended use or in case the pesticide-product combination is not yet included in this tool , a similar approach (see “Toelichting pesticidewijzer”, voorbeeld 5).

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